November 5th 2017 Municipal Election

Dear members, The Association for the Protection of Lake Achigan is a nonprofit organization that is apolitical. As such, the Association has always maintained strict neutrality during the municipal elections, with an exception in 1985 when someone wanted to change the zoning of Camp Bruchési. Even today, your Association wishes to maintain this neutrality. Thus,…


APLA’s annual general meeting

Notice to all our members (and non-members), on Saturday, June 17 at 9:00 am will be held the APLA’s annual general meeting. The event is held at Camp Bruchési, 50, 365th Avenue, Saint-Hippolyte-De-Kilkenny, Quebec, J8A 2Y6. If you are a waterfront resident on Lac de l’Achigan, a lake boater or a citizen of Saint-Hippolyte, here’s why…


Potential return of sail racing on the lake

The description is in french only Il y a déjà plus d’une trentaine d’années, tous les dimanches d’été, des dizaines de passionnés de voile s’adonnaient à une course amicale. Avec le temps et les modes, cette belle pratique sociale, sportive et éco-responsable s’est perdue. Lors de la dernière assemblée annuelle, plusieurs membres ont manifesté l’intérêt…



APLA invite you to its annual meeting SATURDAY JUNE 18, 2016 Held at CAMP BRUCHÉSI Registration 9:00 am Meeting 9:30 am Mayor Laroche, Municipal Officials and APLA Directors will be discussing issues at hand. It will include question of the management of runoff water, the nautical municipal patrol, monitoring the quality of water, and other…


By-election of April 24: Questions to the candidates

For the by-election of April 24, we sent to the two candidates, Ms. Jacinthe Murray and Mr. Bruno Allard, a list of issues related to the important folders to Lake L’Achigan. We asked them a response no later than April 11, only Mr. Allard replied.  We send you the complete content of the answers he has given to us.  For the moment, they are only in French.  We will ask to Mr. Allard if it’s possible for him to translate his response. If yes, we will put the English version online.

We hope that these documents will help you to make an informed for this election choice.



Richard Lemay – Agent Officiel

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Réponse aux questions de l’APLA

Saint-Hippolyte, le 4 avril 2016 – Voici tel que demandé, les réponses de notre candidat aux principales préoccupations de l’Association pour la protection du lac de l’Achigan.