The League of Owners of Lac de l’Achigan is at the origin of the APLA. Created in August 1964, it has two objectives: to improve the quality of the lake’s water and to form a pressure group to defend its interests within the Saint-Hippolyte municipal council. The League will change its name in July 1980 to become the Association of Owners of Achigan Lake (APLA).

In 2012, the name will change again to become the Association pour la protection du lac de l’Achigan (APLA), making room for tenants, spouses and children of owners who are equally concerned by the protection of Lac de l’Achigan.

In 2018, the APLA reaffirms its mission in a clear and concise statement, true to its origins while clearly emphasizing the duality of its current concerns.



Protect the environment of Lac de l’Achigan and the quality of life of the people who benefit from it.


Ensure that Lake Achigan is a healthy ecosystem while ensuring the quality of life of its current and future users.


For all of our members:


Sustainable development

Quality of life

For the CA are added: