Tips for protecting trees from beavers:
• Mix paint with sand and paint the bottom of trees. Ideally, choose a paint color similar to that of the tree trunks; this way the protection will blend into the landscape.
• Cover the trunks with chicken or rabbit netting to a height of about 4 feet, 1.2 meters.

Procedure to follow if you want to do business with a trapper:

The trapping period is from October 25 to March 1. During this period, no authorization or notice is required from the Department of Wildlife when dealing with a trapper who holds his license. However, outside of this period, the owner must apply for authorization from the Ministry of Wildlife before hiring the trapper.

Useful links on beaver management
• Beaver management – sharing of responsibilities
• Living with the beaver – Abrinord leaflet:
• For more information on beaver management, the Fauna Foundation publishes a guide that can be obtained:

The Fall 2011 Episode

In the fall of 2011, Achigan Lake experienced an unfortunate episode following the work of a family of beavers in the area of 326th Avenue. Alerted by citizens of this sector worried about the deforestation of their riparian strip, APLA decided to intervene and use the service of a trapper to put an end to the damage. More than 3 beavers were captured and follow-up was carried out in the spring to prevent further damage. Although the APLA does not advocate this kind of intervention, environmental protection required this solution in this specific case.