AGM 2020:

  • Observation: Appreciation both by the people present in the room and by those present virtually via Facebook live.
  • Ratification of the actions taken by the board of directors.
  • 2 informative and awareness-raising videos were enthusiastically received!

Executive Board Elections:

1. President: Johanne Gauthier
2. 1st Vice President: Jean François Gareau
3. 2nd Vice President: Pierre Jacques Leduc
4. Secretary-Treasurer: Yvan Gingras

2020 Fundraising Campaign: $9,040 target exceeded

Graduated ruler according to the high water line: realization and installation by the end of October.

Pilot project, marking of 3 control zones of water milfoil: phase 1 carried out in September, i.e. the installation of anchors, buoys and posters. Phase 2 planned by the end of October, i.e. the taking of GPS positions for anchoring, and the installation of red markers for the winter.

Noise Awareness Capsules (animated videos): final approval phase

Tracking of swimming water quality results for D-ratings

AGM 2021 date chosen: June 19, 2021